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2º WW Flashmob - Transport Pub

Event Date: Sun September 18 2011

We are back!

Come September 2011 and we are ready to MOB AGAIN!

Seriously? Seriously? Who puts a pair of wings to dance while crossing the streets of a city? When do happening attendants open their wings in unison? When do complete strangers decide to join in and dance along? And when does it all suddenly turn into a Flash Mob?
It will happen for our annual worldwide Flash Mobs on Public Transport!


So you want to do something that causes a real buzz and gets people talking about your commitment and a different way to have wings? You want to bring a smile to people’s faces in the middle of a crappy day? You want to get people involved and genuinely do something with them at the heart of it? You want to do something that gives you more press coverage and goes “viral” so that your commitment’s name is the one on everyone’s lips?
Great!!! Let’s go for it!!
Dear friends, dear followers, dear supporters! It’s time to get involved for our annual worldwide flash mob, SECOND EDITION!

Our first edition last year brought 10 cities of the world to act for a sustainable living, on the same day, at the same hour… all around the planet! The world of Public Transport is changing and YOUth around the world are CREATING it! This change every day, and this involvement is huge!!

For the Media, it was a pleasant surprise to discover how many people participated in something so important! Local operators were incredibly supportive and gained attention too!

So, this year, our challenge is to grow bigger! More cities and more happenings around the world! On Sunday, the 18th of September 2011, on the Car-Free Day in Europe, with a punctual appointment of the European mobility week and a punctual appointment for Y4PT, we are ready to FLASHMOB AGAIN!

With these words, we officially launch the call for cities through our website, our Twitter and Facebook accounts! These are the cities that are already involved right now:

New Delhi

You can join them and be part of the biggest worldwide Flash Mob ever!

The EBSF- European Bus System of the Future project is supporting Y4PT and will participate in the Flash Mob!
Join EBSF on
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/EBSF/102451223149237

What you might need to know:

Our theme this year: “Public Transport gives you wings!”

The call for cities is an invitation to you, to your city, to participate in the Flash Mob. If you want to organize a Y4PT Flash Mob in your city, here’s what you might need to know:
Timeline: You can suggest and confirm your willingness to volunteer and organize a Flash Mob in your city anytime from 1 June 2011 till 4 September 2011

Number of participants in a Flash Mob: up to you, the more you convey the best it will be!!

Permissions: You would need to secure permission from (all acting) (do not want to scare people, thinking is to difficult to have ALL the permissions… wink )authorities, like the local bus operator/service in your city, Metro authorities (if you organize the Flash Mob in the vicinity of Metro lines), and authorities that may be specific to your region. You’d have to keep us informed on what all authorities you’re trying to convince, and we will also support you in getting those permissions, if possible.

Venue: Each city is free to choose where exactly it wants to organize the Flash Mob. The venue must be relevant with respect to public transport and easily accessible to public at large in order to attract media attention!

Choreography: Like last year, we will design innovative choreographies for each city. It should reflect your culture, your city and you! It should be feasible for all the participants to follow that choreography without any difficulty. You can start suggesting ideas for the choreography soon after you confirm your city’s participation. We will work with you in finalizing the same, and announce it to the participants some days before the Flash Mob. Remember, Flash Mobs is a SURPRISE EVENT, we love to surprise the passer-bys, the public in general, the media! Where’s the fun in being too predictable, right?

Contact: For any more information, you can contact us. We are kicking and ready to spread the cheer in your city, to FLY WITH PT!

Y4PT. Cause we believe in YOUth!

Find out more at http://www.youthforpt.org/?p=3344

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