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a subtlemob in New York

Event Date: Sat July 06 2013

[ try to remain invisible ]

‘as if it were the last time’ invites you to take part in a secret event in Brooklyn, NY

This is an invisible flashmob, this is not made for youtube, there is no spectacle,
it’s a story of the city in which you take a role
If you register to take part in this event you’ll be invited to download an MP3 and turn up at a secret location to listen to the soundtrack at a specified time.
When you put on the headphones you’ll find yourself immersed in the cinema of everyday life. As the soundtrack swells people in the crowd around you will begin to re-enact the world you always see but often don’t notice.

To find out more and sign up visit http://wearecircumstance.com/newyork.html

Find out more at http://wearecircumstance.com/newyork.html

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