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Berlin - Be French

Event Date: Sat February 20 2010

Type: Flashmob
Where: Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
When: Saturday, February 20 from 2:00 pm

Do you want the French not to be told by their state what their national identity has to be?
Do you want everyone to be able to define their own way to be french?

“Be French” and take part into the Flashmob ID in Berlin

- Shortly before 2pm, stay around the clock situated on Potsdamer Platz and act like a normal pedestrian!
- When you hear the French national anthem, gather (very) quickly and form rows of 8 persons so that the group looks like a legion. Face the clock, have a serious look and wear black (cf. accessories).
- When you hear the first signal, lift your placard of THE typical French and march slowly.
- Then, each time you hear the signal, turn right and continue to march.
Stay serious and remember you are a legion!
Here is what it should look like :

- When the music changes (you will hear a mixing sound), throw your placard on the ground and freeze.
- When the French national anthem is played again, move freely within the group. Take a hat/cap from your pocket (cf. accessories) and greet other mobbers as you like.
- When the music stops, pick up a placard from the ground and disperse.

Required accessories:
- Black clothes. A black plastic bag with holes for arms can do of course!
- Have your placard with the drawing of THE typical French, available here:
(to be printed and glued on cardbox; format A4, a folder will do!)
- have in your pocket a hat - bright colours and strange shapes are welcome!

More information at the Berlin Mob website:  http://www.myspace.com/flashmobinberlin

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