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Cardiff Court Flash Mob

Event Date: Fri March 21 2014

The day we’ve been waiting for.
Clear your calendar - It’s going down! Cardiff Court FlashMob kicks off on March 21st , and you’re invited to take part in the festivities. 2 Park Street Cardiff South Wales is our meeting spot . Come one, come all, bring a guest, and hang loose. This is going to be epic! This flash mob will appear outside the courthouse on the date of the hearing for Joanne Mjadzelics who was a witness in the trial against ex Lostprophets front man Ian Watkins who was jailed for 35 years on child sex charges. Joanne touted herself as a brave champion of children and sold her story to any news media or television program who would air it. It has recently come out that she has been arrested on “child sex charges ” according to this article and many others ~ http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/lostprophets-ian-watkinss-lover-joanne-mjadzelics-facing-child-sex-charges-1438994. These are the lyrics of a song by Lostprophets written when her allegations first started and since it was discovered that she was in fact “lying” this venue is to let the world know that her actions should be prosecuted as fully as anyone else’s. Join us for this historic event!

You’re lying, you’re lying,
You’re gonna be the one left crying,
You’re lying, you’re lying,
Till there’s no one on your side.

If you bring a gun, baby, we’ll bring an arsenal,
If you think we’re done, baby, we’ll bring it, we’ll sing it..

If you bring a gun, baby, we’ll bring an aresenal,
If you think we’re done, baby, we’ll bring it, we’ll sing it,
Open your eyes and see you are outnumbered, honey,
You’re never gonna be a threat to anybody,

Find out more at http://cardiffcourtflashmob.splashthat.com/

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