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Christmas Carol Flash Mob

Attention all people across the US, UK, and around the globe, especially in New England…

There will be a Christmas Carol Flash Mob at exactly 2:00 PM eastern time on December 20th 2003. 

This will take place in NYC, Providence, San Francisco, Seattle, and other cities. 

If you attend the NYC mob, be in front of St. Patrickļæ½s Cathedral at exactly 2:00 PM, maybe even a couple minutes earlier.  Then at 2, start singing the Christmas carols.  The list of songs and lyrics are apparently posted at www.riceminers.com (though we couldn’t find them!)  You can also get more information as it comes at http://www.groups.yahoo.com/NortheastFlashMobs  It would be a good idea to go with the printed lyrics so everybody knows the words.  You will be singing 3 complete songs.  Wear a Santa hat or a full Santa costume if you have it.  If not your attendance will be enough.  Spread the word and the Holiday spirit and make this Christmas Mob a success!

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