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Classic Flashmob in Vienna

Mobile Phone Ringing Tone Philharmonic Concert in front of the State Opera House - Vienna, Austria.
WHEN: SAT December 9th, 2006. 19:00hs sharp!
WHERE: In front of the Wiener Staatsoper.
WHY: Celebrate Mozart!
DURATION: At least 5 minutes!
REPERTOIRE: Any MOZART ringing tones you like!
HOW: Show up there at 19:00hs and have someone you know call you at that exact time. Let your phone ring with the Mozart tone for as long as you can. Since you will obviously not pick up the phone have your friends family re-dial your number at least 3x times so we can get a nice couple of minutes of Mozart ringing tones in the air!

When done simply go in any direction you like!

Hint: Dont forget to have your mobile phone with you and make sure that your battery is fully charged. Preset your favorite Mozart ringing tone and set the phone to LOUD so even God will hear it!

Note: If you do not have a Mozart ringing tone, then fake it with Bach, Beethoven, Haydn, or any other composer of your liking. We wont tell the difference that is for sure!

Spread the word around!

More details at: Vienna Motzartmob

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