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Contacting Flashmob.co.uk

We love to hear from the people out there who are organising Flashmob events and groups so that we can advertise them here; either about the experience from the Flashmobbers who go to the events or from anyone who would just like to get in contact with us. We can’t post or reply to every message but we will try our very best.

Add Event form

If you are submitting news about an upcoming Flashmob event, please use our Add event form and ensure that you include a link to the events details - if an event has its own website or Facebook page then we are more likely to believe it’s genuine and we will not post any news about Flashmobs that do not have a link to the events details.

If you are a commercial organisation drumming up support for your event please don’t try to hide it - be honest because we do post news about commercial events and we can run graphic banners to advertise the event if you need that as well.

Contact Form

If you are a student wanting to write a paper of some sort on Flash mobs, surprisingly you will not be the first, we will not be able to give you anything more than we have on our FAQs page already so please read that and then go and join in a flashmob so that you can write about it.

If you want to surprise you girlfriend by proposing to her in a flashmob, and yes we have had several requests for this, please think again and while your doing that note that flashmob.co.uk does NOT organise flashmobs - you will have to organise it and don’t forget she may well say no (especially if you organised a really bad flashmob!).

SPAM - if you intend to use this form for sending a load of links that have nothing to do with Flashmobs then please be aware that the form simply sends an e-mail to us and does not add anything to the site - so trying to get a link placed here to your non Flashmob site is a waste of your valuable time.. Yeah you know who you are - we have voodoo dolls of you…

So if you still want to write to us and are one of the nice people - please fill in the form below:

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