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Daft Punk/Fatboy Slim flashmob

Event Date: Sat November 23 2013

As part of the VIDEOKE interactive Music Video night, we’re performing a flashmobs of Praise You by Fatboy Slim and Around The World by Daft Punk at a couple of locations in London.

We’ll perform the flashmobs at some point between 1st and 21st November and we’ll be starting rehearsals very soon.

We’re looking for dancers / Fatboy Slim fans / Daft Punk fans / people who like having fun to help us make this happen.

You don’t even need to be able to dance.  For some of the Daft Punk flashmobs we’ll just be popping up in random places as the robots / mummies / skeletons, etc from the video.

Add this to your flash mob “to do” list!

We’ve got free rehearsal space we can use in a dance studio in Central London to practice this and any future flash mobs / routines we plan.

Everyone who takes part gets free entry into the club night on 22 Nov plus discounted tickets for their friends smile

The club night itself is all about immersing yourself in an interactive world of music video.

We’ve got video DJs playing music videos all night, live acts such as The LipSinkers and lots of interactive activities including makeup artists and a professional photo booth where you can recreate your favourite album covers, etc.

Check out our website for more info ...


To take part, drop us a line on our facebook page ...


... or by email ....

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Find out more at http://www.videokelondon.com

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