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European Flash Mob virus

Maybe it all started in America, the first signs are here that soon Europe will be leading in Flash Mob-events. For example, in Germany Flash Mobbing is hardly a week old, but counts now already Mob-initiatives in 29 (!) cities. Germany probably is leading in Europe, but the UK, France, Italy and The Netherlands are catching up quickly.

Interesting is to see how the seemingly intanglible developments are creating nervous reactions from the police and drawing a lot of attention of the press. At the fifth New York Mob, there were almost more press ‘mobbers’ and police ‘mobbers’ than real participants.

Although Mobs are organised for fun purposes only, one only has to wait for something unexpected and unwanted to happen. The mob-crowd easiely distracts attention from pickpockets and shoplifters for example. And the increasing popularity also attracts people that are not willing to play following the rules. First people wearing clown-outfits have been reported.

The first dutch mob will take place in Amsterdam at 08-08-‘03. Oddly enough there was in the dutch news yesterday a small report of a failed mob. Being actually a joke With only 3 people jumping around, they announced a real mob this time to be held in the hague on 09-08, the day after the Amstedam Mob.

We are waiting anxiously to see how Amsterdam, known as a city of freedom, of experimentation, will be next friday! More info & participation: http://www.geocities.com/amsterdammobs

Contributed buy the Amsterdam mob

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