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Inclusion dance

Event Date: Sun December 04 2011

What? A 3 Minute Free dance for inclusion on World Disability Day 2011!

When? Saturday 3rd December 2011 at 12:00 sharp.
Get there a little earlier, spread out and find your place. At 12:00 on the dot, when the music begins, just start dancing! When it stops, walk off as if nothing happened.

Where? Main Hall of Westbahnhof, Vienna, Austria

Who? You, me and everybody! We need as many people as possible to voice the rights of people with disabilities worldwide.

What’s the point? We want to raise awareness of the situation of people with disabilities not only in Austria, but also in many developing countries all over the world. By dancing together we remind people of the potential of people with disabilities but also that of all people to bring about change! LET’S DANCE AND END EXCLUSION!

What now?
Get inspired by this clip for your “Inclusion Dance”  (Thank you Vienna Night Run dancers, you were fantastic!)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rFkSDTbLqg
Find out more about us on our website http://www.endexclusion.eu or Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/endexclusion
Send this invitation to everybody you know! Join the Facebook event and invite your friends!  We’re looking forward to dancing with you!

Find out more at http://www.endexclusion.eu

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