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Instructions for New York latest Flash Mob

Just had the instructions through for the New York Flash Mob that happened on Thursday - posted on happy Robot. Still waiting for the numbers but it looks like the biggest one ever.

Location: Manhattan
Start time: Thursday, August 14th, 4:10 pm
Duration: 18 hours
(1) At some point during the day, synchronize your watch to http://www.time.gov/timezone.cgi

(2) At 4:10pm, shut off all your power. You may need to go to the fuse box to do this.

(3) If you happen to be in a subway train or elevator, you will be stuck, but you can still particiapate. Just pretend that you are someone who is stuck in an elevator or subway and be slightly annoyed.

(4) After all your power is off, walk down the countless flights of stair while holding the hand of the 70 year old woman who was feeling faint. When she says, “I am sorry to be a nuisance”, say, “it�s all right � not to worry”.

(5) Once out of your building, disperse.

Source Happy Robot.

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