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LFA FLASHMOB 2012 - Dance an eco building

Event Date: Sat July 14 2012

The LFA Flashmob 2012 - Dance an Eco-Bullding will combine a large scale traditional architecture installation with a ‘Flashmob’ style performance act on a prominent site in London.
The purpose of this event is promote the idea of architecture sustainable design through the medium of a contemporary, socially relevant and entertaining phenomenon to engage with the public and wider community.

With carefully choreographed dancers and students using a samples from a range of the latest sustainable materials and products as props, these can be placed together to produce a spontaneous temporary architectural installation. We envisage these materials and samples would be donated by suppliers involved in the field of architecture and sustainable technology to embody the concept of sustainable design. The choreographed ‘dance’ itself would serve as a metaphor to the process of ‘building’ an eco-building.

We hope to involve, professional dancers from the Royal Academy of Dance and other London schools, architectural students and other volunteers, to stage this event which aims to surprise and engage with the public in a highly prominent central London site with high foot fall. The proposed date of the event, Saturday 7th of July 2012 is timed to coincide with the London Festival of Architecture.

Should you be interested in taking part, REGISTER NOW!!!
Please register by contacting Debbie Flevotomou (Chair of The RIBA South London Branch, SLSA); Dmitry Ivanoff (Secretary of The RIBA South London Branch) and Atis Charoenkool (Committee member of RIBA South London Branch) via email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Postponed till 13th July

Find out more at http://www.facebook.com/events/105542532913948/

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