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Living the Dream flashdance

Event Date: Sat January 01 2011

Living the Dream will be performing several different dance flashdances - at the Galleria Shopping Centre in Hatfield, Hertfordshire and at St Pancras International Station in London. They are going to be amazing events and will be so much fun to be a part of!!  We are aiming for 60+ dancers for the Galleria and 100+ dancers for St Pancras.

DANCERS- You need to be 13-25 and have had at least 2 years dance experience and can pick up choreography well. If you can only perform in one flashdance that is fine - make this clear when you fill in the form to sign up.


Rehearsals to learn the choreography
Sunday 19th December 1-4pm - Beaumont School, St Albans
Tuesday 21st December - 2-4pm - Beaumont School, St Albans
The choreography will be the same for both performances, however if you cannot attend these dates please sign up anyway as we will be putting a private video on YouTube of the choreography for you to learn.

However, EVERYONE will have to attend the rehearsals the night before each flashdance you will be performing in. NOTE - rehearsals are free.

Rehearsal for Galleria flashdance –
Tuesday 28th December - 8.30-9.30pm - at the Galleria, Hatfield.
Everyone required to attend this if they want to perform at the Galleria the next day.

Galleria Performance
Wednesday 29th December 12-4pm
Performances start around 1pm, every 45mins/1hour. 4 performances throughout the day!

Rehearsal for St Pancras International flashdance
Thursday 30th December - 5-7.30pm - Beaumont School, St Albans
Everyone required to attend this if they want to perform at St Pancras station the next day.

St Pancras International Performance
Friday 31st December 8am-2pm
First performance at 9am, next at 1pm. Finish by 2pm latest. So you will all be back in time for your New Year’s Eve parties!!


Find out more at http://www.livingthedreamcompany.co.uk

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