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London Flash Mob#1 - Coverage

The hype is starting to build up prior to today’s first London mob.  Today’s Guardian is first out of the blocks followed closely by This is London.

Interestingly, both articles have a link to the London Mob Announcement.  Of course, you can subscribe to the email list there, but flashmob.co.uk is the only site I know of carrying the full text of the invitation itself.

Post Event Coverage

The Times (registration required)

The Inquirer claims the event brought “chaos and confusion to the area.”  Really?

The BBC has a brief write up covering both the London and New York events.  They followed it up later in the day with a more reflective piece.

This is London have updated their coverage.

There are some very good black and white photographs by R. Gardiner at www.nyclondon.com

Britain’s most ‘popular’ tabloid, The Sun, asks if Flash Mobbers have too much time on their hands.

The Daily Telegraph has an extended piece in their Sunday edition.  It even looks like they’ve interviewed anthropologist Desmond Morris - he says flash mobbing is a healthy sign for humanity!  They also have some editorial here.  They quote the London organiser as saying, “I like the whole flocking concept.”  You only have to change the emphasis on the word ‘flocking’ for an interesting twist.  smile

Reuters offers more of the same, covering both the London and New York events.

Web User UK has a brief write up plus a link to us.

And, a little further afield, the Hindustan Times has a nice write up.

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