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London SolibadCharity Flashmob

Event Date: Sat September 29 2012

This will be a WORLD RECORD FLASHMOB, with 127 cities all over the world performing the same flashmob on the same day.  Last year, we (SoliBad) had 65 cities. 
All the details are on http://www.solibad.net/flashmob where you will find a link to the cities, and London in particular. 
The choreography I’ve animated here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnJXsmOWtXw

We will have some international badminton superstars among our flashmobbers in London.  SoliBad is a charity well established among the badminton world and most of the flashmobs on saturday will have a local hero there.

I just discovered your website and want to inform you and your readers that it will happen at 3pm in Jubilee Gardens, London

I hope you can help me with some publicity and even if only 1 extra person comes as a result, it could well help to influence the deprived children that the SoliBad charity supports.

Many thanks,

Conor Flatley

Find out more at http://www.solibad.net/flashmob

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