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Love Flash #1

Here’s something interesting.  Only a day or two after the announcement that Mob #8 will be the last New York mob, there’s news of a new type of event.  ‘Love Flash #1’ promises a ‘Rally for Goodness’ based on a 30 minute street chalking party.

Flash Mobs started out as ‘pointless acts of random silliness’ and it was inevitable that they should evolve.  We had the one-off mob in Birmingham, UK, which donated clothes to Oxfam and there is no doubt that we shall see the basic ‘technique’ adapted further.

But Love Flash #1 differs from previous mobs in other ways.  For a start, the activity itself is already known.  No doubt, there will be plenty of scope for improvisation on the day, but we know it is going to be a chance for folks to express themselves artistically using sidewalk chalk.

Secondly, it is 30 minutes long - not so much a ‘flash mob’ as a ‘slow burn mob’.  Of course, this is a necessary function of the activity itself and it will be interesting to see whether people actually disperse at the end leaving onlookers with a sense of wonderment and mild confusion, or whether people will hang around until they’ve finished their piece of art.

The third important difference is the organisers’ plan to make this as global an experience as possible by streaming coverage of the event as it happens over the internet.

From the organisers:
Love Flash #1 is scheduled in Manhattan this Saturday and will be broadcast live over the Internet.

What is Love Flash?
>It is not your typical Flash Mob

Why is it different?
>It has a purpose.
>It is no longer localized, it is globalized

What is the purpose?
>Giving the world the opportunity to creatively express themselves

How is it globalized?
>Streaming Media broadcast on the Internet

Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?

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