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Love Flash #2

Here is an interesting twist on the Flash Mob theme.

You may have heard of Spencer Tunick.  He’s the photographer whose trademark is temporary site-related ‘installations’, typically of nudes.  The BBC covered his latest project in which about ,450 women posed nude in New York’s Grand Central Station. Well, he’s collaborating with Jon Kowalski to create an installation on Monday evening.  Here is the invitation:

for a private indoor installation by Spencer Tunick at Jonathan’s work place.

Day: Monday, November 3, 2003
Time: 11pm
Place: Synergy6 Loft - 336 West 37th Street, 12th Floor, New York

Jonathan would like to invite you to participate with him in a private artwork at his work.
In exchange for posing you will receive a signed photograph of the installation by the artist. You will only be nude for a few minutes. The entire installation will take 15 minutes. Participants can keep their anonymity by turning their heads away from the camera if they wish. This will be a low key indoor installation. It will consist of his friends and friends of friends.

This is a new series for Spencer titled, FRIENDS OF FRIENDS. It explores the relationship and comfort levels of friends as it relates to the nude in a social atmosphere. It also questions the willingness to participate and to to try something new, based on your association with your friends. Will someone participate because a friend is indorsing the event or is it based on free sprit, and no validation by a friend is needed. Ideas on the ultimate utopian group gathering are brought into the picture as well as nightmare scenarios of vulnerably. Spencer hopes the small scope of a new physical interaction between friends will bring an engaging complexity to the your comfort level and your surroundings.

And if you cannot make it to the Installation in person, you can watch it live on the Internet at www.prudenia.net.

In the spirit of Flash mobs, everyone’s invited, but you do have to RSVP on Jon’s site.

Any takers?!

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