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New York City - Flash Mob#6 Announced

I received an email in the last few minutes annnouncing New York’s 6th Flash Mob.

It looks like the organisers were slightly stung by the criticism levelled at Flash Mob#5, namely that there were too few spectators.  Whilst it was good fun - in a Pythonesque sort of way - I think most of us felt our highly realistic bird noises were somewhat wasted on the handful of passers sauntering up Central Park West.

Mob #6 is gathering in the mid 40’s around Broadway.  If you know New York at all, then you’ll know that this has ‘Times Square’ written all over it, so spectators will not be a problem this time!

The other thing to point out is that this takes place on 7th August, the same day as the first London Mob.  I wonder if some international co-ordination would add an interesting extra dimension to these events?  A truly global flash mob would certainly make headlines.

Your correspondent plans on being there, and a full report will follow.

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