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New Zealand’s first flashmob! Kiwi silly season Begins

Over 200 people converged in Burger King, in Auckland City Centre. They stood quietly, avoiding eye contact with the staff, who become increasingly keen to help someone. Suddenly the crowd began mooing, for a full minute, everyone (apart from those laughing) mooed, and mooed, before applauding and cheering the staff, and suddenly dispersing.

The event was initiated swiftly, and the whole thing was over within a matter of minutes.  The happening was well publicised, and the press were out in force. One reporter took details on how the outlet had potential wasted a huge amount of food, which was cooked in anticipation of so many sales.

However, the flashmob organiser, Monty, later contacted the outlet, to ensure that there were no hard feelings. The manageress reassured him that the food had mostly been used, as this was lunchtime, and that she was happy for the participants to simply pledge some future custom in recognition of the limited loss. The general feeling of the crowd was a real high, and very silly! A lot of people had a real giggle, today.

This was the first day of Spring in New Zealand, and while the silly season may have come to a close elsewhere, here “its only just begun!” Monty, the New Zealand organiser, is quoted as saying “It’s going to be a very silly Summer”.

Full details, and pictures, can be found at Flashmob.co.nz.

Submitted by Monty

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