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Ninja flashmob @ market square

Event Date: Fri July 08 2011

Come join us in downtnown Knoxville Tn for a giant mass of ninja flash mob awesomeness! when the whistle is blown, start a ninja fight with everyone NO ACTUAL FIGHTING! jump, kick, and be merry as you use your awesome ninja skills! When the whistle is blown again, fall to the floor as if dead! then finally, when you hear the blow horn, depart and go spread your ninjaness! invite everyone to come and join us! lets make this the largest flash mob k-ville has ever seen!! MAKE SURE TO WEAR EITHER BLACK OR WHITE TO SHOW YOUR NINJA PRIDE! to see what a ninja flash mob looks like, follow the link and search youtube! http://youtu.be/0iYmRyuhn9k

Find out more at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=211932072176240

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