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No Pants Subway Ride 2011

Event Date: Sun January 09 2011

The 10th No Pants subway ride takes place in New York on Sunday 9th January - that’s no trousers - not no underwear.

the event is again organised by Improv Everywhere and they are encouraging people in other cities around the world to stage their own No Pants rides on the same day. List of cities who participated last year.

Anyone organizing a regional No Pants event should let Improv Everywhere know by leaving a comment on their website along with all of the necessary details. The lead organizer must also send them an email via the Improv Everywhere contact form.

They will publish a list of all participating cities along with links to any Facebook events. Groups have staged the event on trolleys, light rails, and buses in the past, so don’t let a lack of subway system stop you! 44 cities participated last year.

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