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One Direction Sydney Flash Mob

Event Date: Sun January 22 2012

So, on the 21st of January, 2012, me, Mary Chbib, and Tahnee Cook, are organizing the very first Sydney One Direction flash mob.

We can guarantee that we have connections with various media forms, and they will be able to publicize this event to the boys of One Direction. So basically there is a 99.93% chance the boys will see this wink

We will be dancing to a remix of:

•  What Makes You Beautiful
•  One Thing
•  Save You Tonight
•  Tell Me A Lie
•  Everything About You
•  Stole My Heart
•  Another World
•  Up All Night

There will be a practice on the 14th. We will gather together and teach everyone the dance. We will also put a tutorial on YouTube. These moves will be easy for everyone to learn, and they WILL NOT be too hard for anyone. It is more about having fun than looking like a professional dancer, but it will still look amazing with everyone in sync.

We are organizing for 3 professional camera men to come along and film this flash mob.

We want this to be massive. The media will only pop along if we can get ALOT of people to come. So bring your friends. Who wouldn’t wanna be part of a One Direction Flash Mob?

What to Bring:

• Yourself! and feel free to bring along your family and friends!

• Your awesome dance moves!

• $2.50 to pay for the professional camera smile

• If you want to, dress up. You can be anything. A carrot. A spoon. A packet of Nandos. It has to be 1D Related. We will be giving away these awesome prizes for the best outfit:



Who wouldn’t want to win them? So be creative!

We hope to see you all there smile Its going to be AMAZAYN!

If you need to contact us:
• Emilie Carmona - Twitter: @BieberMcMuffin
• Tahnee Cook - Twitter: @itstahnee
• Mary Chbib - Twitter: @marychbib

Find out more at http://www.facebook.com/events/296270307073641/

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