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Purple Flashmob Rotherham

Event Date: Sat March 24 2012

Get yourself to central Rotherham on Saturday March 24th 2012
Simultaneous flash mobs are happening in London, Cardiff, Cornwall and Peterborough so spread the word!

Wear purple & Freeze for 2 mins and if you have the balls SEIZE!

Purple is the colour associated with epilepsy awareness we want you to help us get media attention so we can say what we have to say, the more feet on the street the bigger our voice.

Meet at the fountains in central Rotherham.

We will then go to a busy location, we will have a balloon release in memory of friends and their families who have died due to epilepsy causes each balloon carries a personal message from the families effected.
As the balloons ascend we will FREEZE on the spot (so maybe adjusting your underwear at that time isnt the best idea) Try not to strike a pose but dont be a stiff either smile
Make sure you have a mobile with an alarm or set a reminder, we will publicly reflect on the lives lost to epilepsy of which there are around 200 per year!

Or at least replicate a seizure.

Yourself .... wearing purple!
Your mates ... wearing purple!
A video recorder or mobile with filming capabilities
Any from the media
An alarm or mobile to set a reminder of when you Freeze and when you seize!

Leave your self conciousness at home!

If you dont think you can freeze, seize or both, just think that seizures can happen without warning to people with epilepsy.
They cant choose where and when to have a seizure.
Many seizures happen in public and draw a crowd, so think about how you would feel gaining conciousness on the ground with people watching all alone!!
1 in every 20 people wil have a seizure in their life!
You would want people to know what to do if it happens to you, wouldnt you?
Around 200 people per year die suddenly, scary thought!
There are more than 40 different seizure types, they are not all mouth foam and flashing lights so we hope to educate people on the difference.

There will be no collections or leaflet pushing we just want people to understand!

See you all very soon!!!!!!!

This event is created by Epilepsy Sucks UK (http://esuk.uk.com/) a small charity on a mission to raise awareness about epilepsy because it sucks!

Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/events/212379558854695/

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