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Now that the site has started to get going (and the domain gets proliferated across the globe - so people can actually get to the site) we are putting our first submission messages out!

We would like people to submit their personal stories about their experiences at Flashmob events that they have attended - with images if available - or if you have been in the vicinity of one and wondered what has been happening let us know what your experience was and get published here. We are very keen to hear from UK based people - one the events start to happen - but will certainly take submissions from any part of the world.

If you want to help out in other ways please drop us an e-mail.

You can subscribe to this site from the notification box on the left of the home page (until we redesign it elsewhere).  This will mean that we can send you an occasional quick message when we have news and we will not use your e-mail for anything else or pass it onto anyone else - it stays with this site only.

This non commercial site has been built and run by Flashmob fans for Flashmob participants and people interested in the Flashmob phenomenon.

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