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Storm Trafalgar Square

Event Date: Sat June 09 2012

As part of the lead-up to the release of St Trinian’s 3: Versus the World in August, we are staging a flash-mob on Trafalgar Square at 12:00 on Saturday, June 9th. Participants are asked to dress in St Trinian’s uniforms (approximate will do).

Before the Flash-Mob, participants should blend in with the crowd at the Nelson’s Column side of the square. A man will be standing at the top of the National Portrait Gallery steps (he should be obvious).

At exactly 12:00 by the clock of St Martins in the Field (North East corner of square), he will signal by holding his arms out making a human “T”. Participants should then run, screaming and cheering, through the square and up the steps of the National Portrait Gallery. Gather at the top, making as much noise as you can. At exactly 12:05, participants should disperse.

We will be filming this, and would appreciate other people filming the event and posting the results to YouTube and social media sites.

Additional for Storm Trafalgar Square:
First of all, a word about safety.
* Participants in the Flashmob MUST NOT bring “props” such as hockey or lacrosse sticks, or anything else that can cause injury.
* This is intended to be a fun event. Remember that other people will be using the square. Participants must treat them with respect.
* There is a march which will arrive in the square shortly after the Flashmob. This may mean starting the event slightly before the published time. Watch out for the visual cue.
* There will be equipment around Nelson’s Column. Participants must not interfere with the equipment, members of the crew, or other people associated with that event.

As always with these events, personal safety is the responsibility of the participants. Fragile St Trinian’s Limited and companies and organisations associated with the production and marketing of St Trinian’s Versus The World are not liable in any way.

Participation indicates an acceptance of these conditions.
Footage of the event will, hopefully, be broadcast in news programmes.
Footage may also be used in future marketing events associated with the St Trinian’s films. Participation indicates consent to this.

Finally, this will not work unless we have a large number of participants, so spread the word, bring your friends, stay safe, show respect, but, above all HAVE FUN!

Find out more at http://www.facebook.com/pages/St-Trinians-school-for-young-ladies/193700500660796

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