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Talking to the media

Talking to the media is the kiss of death. Let them get the aftermath but not so much as a sniff of the calm before the random storm.

Sure, have a diarist or inside camera document it but don’t give in to the lure of the lens. We are the faceless public not actors. We have little statement to make, we need people not to expect the unexpected it will become dull very quickly otherwise and render us a sad bunch of loners that just want to feel part of a crowd.

I’ve done this before in the states and you should never talk to the media. It portrays us as an organization and we need to appear as random as possible, not organized. We will arrange everything to a tee of course but we should never give the impression to the public bystanders that we pre meditated everything. The magic comes from the reaction. It must remain a surprise at all costs.

That is our weapon… Random


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