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the.mob_stirs final message

We’d like to thank all the members who helped make Birmingham’s first flash mob happen.  As you’ve probably seen from the web site and our previous article, we won’t be organising any more mob events.

This is not a reaction to the way Saturday’s events unfolded.  We were pleased with the result; even if you did stop singing far too quickly!. It was always our intention to let go after one event.

After the event

A few days ago we got an e-mail from a member that said:

“Hi, I was there today at the Birmingham mob. I am dissapointed to here it will all come to an end now. Personally I don’t feel that excessive media attention is a reason to stop but this is your party not mine.”

This is categorically not the case.  It is NOT our party, it’s yours.  That’s why you don’t know who we are.  That’s why the guys who helped issue the instructions don’t even know who we are.

We felt (even before our event had occurred) that flash mobs, in their current guise, had come to the end of their life.  That’s why we tried to do something a little different.  Here’s a few quotes, taken from the global mob Yahoo group and cheesebikini.com over the last few days, that give some idea of how the movement has changed.

“There was a Yahoo group called phillymob, but it seems to have disbanded in the last week. There was some contention between two people as to who was the organizer.”

“You may/may not have heard about a recent FlashMob at the London Eye, London, UK. Turns out 120 people turned up to eat bananas and wave their hands at the huge wheel. It turns out whole thing had been setup by the Daily Mail (a popular national UK newspaper for the misguided middle classes) just for the sake of a story, and making the flashmobbers look pretty stupid. “

“A group of flash mob organizers in Boston reports that Yahoo! Groups suddenly and unexpectedly removed the Bostoncitymob Web site, where Boston flash mobbers were organizing. Along with the site, the organizers lost a list of more than 1,000 people who signed up to receive announcements about the next Boston flash mob. They lost their Yahoo! e-mail account as well.”

The second half of the e-mail that suggested it was our party, said this:

“I’d love it if the group could still be here at Yahoo though, for like minded people to still meet and exchange ideas for new directions of the mob maybe?”

We like this.  Here’s what we propose.  One week from now, we’ll open up the access rights to the Yahoo group so that all members can post messages on the group.  All those people who do not wish to receive correspondence from the group should either alter their membership settings or unsubscribe.  Anybody who chooses to join from now on can get involved with other members.

From now on, it’s your party - cry if you want to.


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