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TRON Flashmob Frisbee Battle!

Event Date: Sat December 18 2010

To celebrate the new Tron:Legacy film The London Film Museum are inviting you to come down and be part of TRON OFF, a game of Ultimate Frisbee Dodgeball with one team playing for the new film and one team playing for the original Tron film.

Team Captains are:

Craig from The Establishing Shot playing for Tron Legacy
Andrew from Nonsense Film playing for the original Tron film

We shall be filming this for YouTube so if you have a costume - BRING IT! Otherwise if you are playing for the original film please wear something white, and if you are playing for Tron:Legacy then please wear something black. This is so we can distinguish between the 2 teams.

More details are to follow soon


Find out more at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=183594818317684

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