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Urban Swarm Flash Mob

Event Date: Wed November 04 2009

The first urban Swarm Flash Mob choreographed by die urbanauten and Improv Everywhere will start in Munich, Germany on November 3rd 2009 at exactly 18:41 o’clock as first part of a series of four happenings within the SPIELART Theater Festival.

For the first swarm they have invited a pro from New York as guest artist. Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere from New York will quite possibly be starting out with a Freeze Flash Mob somewhere in downtown Munich and then be helping die urbanauten to coordinate the flash mob that in due course will evolve into an urban swarm coordinated by SMS messages to the participants.

To take part in the public happening you can register via SMS, via E-Mail or via PayPal - links available from www.blog.urbanaut.org.

Charlie Todd will also be giving a lecture followed by a public debate on the evening before the happening in the PATHOS Transport Theater.

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