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We have had lots of comments and emails from people about how to get involved or registered. Have a look at the list of towns and cities in the left hand menu of the home page. If your home town is listed then someone has started a Flash Mob already and the best thing to do is follow the link and sign up to the mailing list.

We update this list everyday in the evening as groups are springing up hourly all over the world. If your group is not listed please use the contact form to let us know where to point the link to.

If you are going to start a Flash Mob up please have a look at all the information on the net before you start. You must understand what this is all about but especially what its not about. The main element is FUN - nothing else must interfere - such as political messages, rights of groups or individuals, religion, products etc - there are plenty of platforms and outlets for these issues already - Flash Mobs are not one of them.

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