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WGPSN/MicroTyco Charity Video

Event Date: Sat October 26 2013

The graduates of WGPSN are taking part in the MicroTyco Challenge for the Wildhearts charity (http://www.wildheartsinaction.org/ Registered Charity -SC037072). Each group are doing something different in order to fund raise, and our group have decided to release a charity single & accompanied music video. It is with this that we need your help.

Looking to organise a group of 40-100 people willing to participate. The music video will incorporate an aerial camera following the group disperse to spell out words while a ground camera will capture the chaos as well as 7 people being covered in different colours by members of the crowd. After this a Giant pound coin will chase the 7 coloured members around in the style of pacman, eating them, before spinning and spitting them out in different directions for the finale where they will spell out the charity and company logos.

Should take 1-2 hours to organise and complete filming. We would be most thankful for your participation and everyone will be credited with their attendance.

Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/events/213546355487407/

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