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World Port Dance Rotterdam

Event Date: Sat September 03 2011

During the famous World Port Days we will perform the MEGA World Port Dance together with anyone who likes to. We have a 3280 square feet dance floor. Part of a much larger square in the town centre of Rotterdam. So we can stage over a 1.000 easily. Our support music will arise from this floor.
You’ll hear it everywhere across the square, not knowing where it’s coming from. Anyone, able to walk is able to join.
But we ask an effort to participate in this MEGA DANCE. You’ll be appointed to a group and a specific moment off entrance to the dance. These logistics require that you will attend a try-out on August 27th on another location. Great things don’t always require great effort. MEGA things sometimes require a little more. 

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Find out more at http://www.worldportdance.nl

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