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Event Date: Sun June 24 2012

Like a flash flood, a flash mob comes together like a FLASH!, flows through Sun Salutations–and then, it’s gone.

This Saturday, yogis will come together to raise awareness about the upcoming Yogathon Festival for Unity, which is raising funds for a school in Nigeria.

Time: 11:15 am
Date: Saturday June 23rd 2012
Location: Artscape Wychwood Barns Farmer’s Market, 601 Christie st. near Christie and St. Clair (just south of St. Clair).


Sun salutations will begin at exactly 11:15am. Before starting we will all be walking around in the farmer’s market carrying our yoga mats but otherwise looking inconspicuous.  The first sun salutation will be done by the guy in the orange shirt (ie Vik). He will unfurl his yoga mat in the farmer’s market walkway and begin on his own. We will then have two more people join for the second sun salutation (in a vee formation). Then by the third round we can all join in. We will complete a total of 4 more sun salutations. After finishing we will all roll up our mats and disperse into the crowds.
Some of us will be distributing leaflets about the Yogathon Festival afterwards.

Sun salutations will be done in unison according the training video at: http://onlynowexists.org/featured/yogathon-for-unity-july-7/
Just go to the training tab and scroll down until you reach the youtube video of sun salutations.

Find out more at http://www.facebook.com/events/481387788545304/

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